Remedy for the blues-go take an assembly

Again and again God lifts my spirits through the first school kids.  Today it was the exuberant way they were singing and doing the actions to ‘Our God is a great big God’.  They clearly love that song and I love how they whole heartedly throw themselves into singing it. I always come away laughing.

(Which was just what I needed on a day that I was dreading but have known would be coming for a very long time-incumbent leaving-sniff!)

This half term for assemblies I am telling the story of Elijah.  It fits really well with the SEAL (social and emotional aspects of learning) theme of ‘going for goals’ that school does at this time of year.

It’s easy to draw out themes, such as believing that we do make a difference, being brave, taking responsibility, standing up for what is right, bouncing back after difficulties, persistence and resilience.

Today, the kids acted out the contest on Mount Carmel. I fell about laughing as a group of kids pranced round a table shouting ‘oh Baal, light the fire’ with the rest of the school shouting that they weren’t being loud enough and their God must be asleep.  Great fun.

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