today, God touched us with his love

The family service at St M’s this Sunday was so special.  I had one of those moments when I look at what we are doing and know that it is good.  The tiny beautiful baby we baptised is so precious to her parents and older sister.  The church family knew just how precious she is, so there was much rejoicing, which is how it should be when the Lord is adding to his family. (I suspect that her two brothers in heaven were joining in the celebration too.)

Every time I baptise a baby and hold them in my arms and tell them that God has touched them with his love I feel God smiling with us.  This is a most wonderful prayer and I get to tell the baby the good news that God promises to be with them no matter what.

How glorious is that?

N. today God has touched you with his love
and given you a place among his people.
God promises to be with you
in joy and in sorrow,
to be your guide in life,
and to bring you safely to heaven.
In baptism God invites you on a life-long journey.
Together with all God’s people
you must explore the way of Jesus
and grow in friendship with God,
in love for his people,
and in serving others.
With us you will listen to the word of God
and receive the gifts of God.

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