Making a difference

You know your child has grown up when two weeks after his seventeenth birthday and at the first possible opportunity he announces that he is off to give blood. No parental permission needed but if you could pick me up Mum….

I’m glad he is making a difference to someone’s life.  I love that there is a need in him to make a difference. ‘It’s better than praying Mum’ he said. ‘Prayer doesn’t make things better.’


Well, it changes me, son.

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3 Responses to Making a difference

  1. Colin says:

    Good for him. I’ve just had my afternoon ruined by a Dragon at the donation center who didn’t even say hello and moaned when she returned to find my arm was slightly out of position. Time was a carer stayed with you for the whole donation!

  2. Mrs Gerbil says:

    I first gave 4 days after my 17th. Back then, parental permission was still needed if under 18. My Mum came with me. She didn’t think she could give as she’d had jaundice. The donor nurse checked & she could. So, we’ve both been donating since then, almost 19 years ago. Prayer does help, but sometimes we do need to act.

  3. Lol! That’s funny. I have a 16 year old too, but it’s my 11 year old who is all for practicality rather than the ethereal.

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