hosanna in the highest

Cabin fever has set in.  I’ve been stuck in the village by the snow for nearly a week.

This afternoons entertainment has been sticking gift wrap stars onto bendy drinking straws. So far I’ve made 40.  I ought to be an optimist and do double that.

Each one has made me smile.  I’m looking forward to my heavenly host of children waving them in the box pews in St Ms at  the Christmas Eve crib service.

I hope they all remember to come dressed as shepherds and angels. I’ve got my baby Jesus lined up. (6 week old E who I am baptising in January). Ink pads and stamps are at the ready for the census. Retired priest is lined up to be a Roman soldier and the Sunday school teacher will be angel Gabriel.

All I need to do now is to make a big star to go on the crucifix so that we can follow it round church and someone with a tractor to take me there if this white stuff hasn’t melted by then.

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1 Response to hosanna in the highest

  1. Sarah says:

    What a glorious image of your Crib Service! Shame that I am about 700 miles too far north to have seen it! Thank you

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