Christmas Crackers and Jesus

It must be time for me to move on.  I’m fast running out of innovative ideas for a talk at the schools various carol services. Last year it was everlasting candles on Christingle oranges and birthday cakes (you cannot put out the light of Christ), the year before we dropped chocolate oranges from the high pulpit (breaks into pieces that we can share, the shepherds shared the good news) and the year before that I dressed up 3 wise people(borrowed the doctors stethoscope and mathsmagics telescope) and sent them off to look for treasure.  I seem to remember the boss dressing a child up as darth vader (Herod) on another occasion.

Well, this year it is the turn of the Christmas cracker.

Here is how it works.

  • Get a child to try and guess the present inside or the colour of the hat. It’s a surprise.  The angel Gabriel was a big surprise to Mary.
  • Get children to pull cracker. The bang gives us a fright.  The shepherds got a fright when the angels turned up.
  • Who is the crown for?  King Jesus.
  • Read the joke. (Note to self: next time you do this check the jokes in the crackers you use! Excruciatingly funny moment at St A’s yesterday).  People called prophets like Isaiah told us that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem but they spoke in riddles so we didn’t always understand.
  • Look at the gift.  What gifts did the wise men bring

The Cws were stars clearing up all the bits of crackers at the end of the service.  Perhaps I need to make one really big one for the St Ms next week.

So that’s 5 ideas for Children’s talks.  Can I start recycling them yet?

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One Response to Christmas Crackers and Jesus

  1. Kathryn says:

    Thank you…That’s my Crib Service talk sorted 🙂

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