Advent reading

I thought I’d re-visit Paula Gooder’s book this Advent.

‘The meaning is in the waiting-the Spirit of Advent’

My spiritual life feels strangely in the doldrums at the moment. It must be Advent! I seem to remember Paula saying something like this…Christmas challenges us to recognise that we can truly comprehend Jesus’s presence only when we embrace his absence in our lives and discover how great is our need of him.  We cannot truly celebrate Jesus’s birth until we have learned to yearn for his presence.  It is the fact that we have celebrated his presence in our lives at all that makes our yearning for him at Advent so strong.

Well, I’m missing you at the moment Jesus! Which I guess is OK but can you come quickly because I’m not very good at waiting.

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1 Response to Advent reading

  1. Roberta says:

    I am reading this book for the first time this advent season. so far i’ve really been impressed….will be interested to hear your insights……….

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