Surprised by God

The act of remembrance at the first school yesterday was profoundly prayerful and moving. It was wonderful to watch the adults who were present allowing God to touch them.

THANK YOU kids for showing them how to pray. You were fantastic. They thought they were watching you but were caught completely off guard and God snuck in.

The simplest ideas really are the best. My memories at that age were either freezing to death in my guide uniform or getting soaked around the war memorial with a lot of old men looking terribly miserable. So, at 10am when the rain was still horizontal and it was blowing a gale I rang the head to ask if she really wanted the kids to get soaked on the walk to church and then to sit dripping wet in a freezing cold building. The answer of course was no, so we agreed that I would come to school.

In the middle of the assembly hall I placed 22 tea lights and poppies (the number of names on the war memorial) on a low table.  As the children came in there was gentle music playing and they sat in concentric circles around the table. Three children read prayers they had written.  We then played ‘Peace’ by Kevin Duke and the children lit a candle and then passed the taper on to another child until all the candles were lit. They must have sat completely transfixed for at least 10 minutes.  I noticed that two children had disappeared (unprompted by their teachers).  They returned and ceremonially laid two wreathes that had been made.  Every child in the school had made a crepe paper poppy and they had been pinned together to make a cross and a wreathe.  Later in the day when it had stopped raining 3 classes walked to church and laid their wreathes on the altar.  I now need to ring the British Legion to tell them how precious they are (and don’t you dare move them so that your flags can go there instead!!)

Great stuff. Thanks kids for showing us grown up how to do it. Did you know you made your head teacher cry?

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One Response to Surprised by God

  1. David Cloake says:

    A wonderful post that glows with hope and has just about made my week. Thank you

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