When two or three are gathered together

…is there any point trying to do a full sung Eucharist with Gloria, Sanctus and four hymns just because that’s what the rota says we are going to do today? 

This morning there were only 3 people in the congregation at All Saints.  I persuaded the 3 lovely faithful ladies to put away the service books and try something a bit more intimate and spontaneous.  I chose to sit with them in the congregation because I knew I stood no chance of moving them from their favourite pew.  The effect was extraordinary.  One lady read the lesson from her seat and did it in an upbeat way rather than in a monotone from the lectern.  Another who is usually very timid about doing intercessions and reads it from a book, made up her own!!!

Usually God has to be held at a distance but they all agreed to come and stand with me around the altar.  Today they moved close to God and God moved closer to them and the communion of Saints surrounded that little worshipping community in All Saints.

Perhaps they just need permission to do things differently? Perhaps I have assumed that they are wedded to a certain way of doing things and are unwilling to change so I have given up trying. Perhaps it is because the churchwarden is away and the mice can play. Perhaps the penny is beginning to drop that when two or three gather together they can no longer go on pretending that they can worship in the same way that they have for years.

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5 Responses to When two or three are gathered together

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  2. Kathryn says:

    Oh how glorious indeed…so glad that you took this opportunity. God will be smiling so much 🙂

  3. Graham says:

    I lead worship often at small Methodist chapels so this resonates with me.

    It is really refreshing to read a blog post on the small written so well- thank you for the encouragement to others of us in small situations!

  4. Great post -hope you don’t mind if I do a h/t post on our Parish Blog quoting great chunks of it!!

  5. Colin says:

    ‘Perhaps they just need permission to do things differently’

    I think you have hit the nail on the head. After reaching the age of 50 I have started to worship in a completely new way and feel the better for it.

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