Fab family service

And what made it fab?

For the first time, it was entirely created by a small team of people with no input from me. They told me what they wanted to do, how they were going to do it, what they wanted to sing, how they wanted to pray and what they wanted me to talk about.

Yippee! I am working myself out of a job and they are growing because of it. All I need now is someone to be brave enough to trust that they do have something God given to say and I’ll be really celebrating because it will be liturgy in its proper sense-a true work of the people.

So today we had great fun opening gifts from God and learning to say thank you. Tons of kids in bandages pretended to be lepers, ringing the school bell and shouting ‘unclean’ and then talking about what it would feel like if they couldn’t come to school and see their friends or their Mums and Dads. We thought about what it would be like if we were that leper and Jesus touched us. If Jesus touched us would we fall on our faces with joy? If Jesus touched us now would we become more like him?

Thank you Jesus for our fab all age service and for fab people that are making it happen.

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