Too busy to blog….

but here are some gloriousthings from last week

  • The weather.  I love these clear, sunny autumn days. It really is beautiful here in Dorset. Maybe at lunchtime I will go and pick the last of the blackberries.
  • Listening at 2am to the laughter of friends coming from ‘Stagestruck’s’ bedroom.  We’ve had a German exchange student staying.
  • Washing sodden, sandy jeans. Rolling in the sea is fun! (At least she had the sense to stuff her uniform in her school bag)
  • Meeting new people on a course and an epiphany.
  • Spending more time at this place with exceptional people. Here God is clearly at work. It is the best kept secret in Dorset and it’s in our benefice! (More another time)
  • An excited wedding couple ringing at 10pm to say they had just got engaged and could they get married asap.
  • And his mother, who when I visited couldn’t believe how welcoming, non stuffy and accomodating I was. (Was she expecting a no!)
  • Assembly. I love being back in school! Loads of kids in the corridor bouncing up to say hello.
  • Singing matins on Sunday. Yes, I know it’s old fashioned but thanks to a misspent youth I can sing the Te Deum in my sleep.
  • Five children turning up for ‘Praise’ service when I was expecting none.  Great conversation with ‘visitors’ from another church who had come to see what we do.  2yr old J doing the actions to ‘Our God is a great big God’  (Actually 76yr E doing it too!).  The dogged faithfulness of two CWs that have stuck with it through thick and thin times.
  • AND it sounds like Mum will be going home from hospital this week
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