What was that about?

I had a vivid dream last night which I still remembered clearly when I woke up this morning.

‘The doctor’ (husband ,hasn’t been with me to church for 10 years now) and I went to a church and sat down in a pew. (Was I there to suss out what it was like?)  There were young people in church trying to explain/recall the bible reading from the morning’s service.  They didn’t seem to have a copy or a bible, there was no ‘leader’ around. A girl in her 20’s was doing this well though she was struggling. (I think I longed to help her). ‘The doctor’ who was still dressed in his cycling gear (definitely not Sunday best) felt at home in the pew so poured himself a cup of tea from a thermos flask.  There were worried looks from the youngsters as a lady of a certain age with a very plumy accent swooped down from the back of church and told him he was behaving inappropriately. I burst into floods of tears because someone had been made to feel so unwelcome.  A vicar /God? appeared and couldn’t understand why I was so angry.

So what was that all about then?  What was buried deep in my subconscious as I went to sleep or what is God trying to tell me?  Anyone good at interpreting visions?

I’m hoping that no-one from the congregation this morning told any of the crowds of folks that came to the baptism that they were behaving inappropriately.  it was lovely to have so may under 5’s in church.

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One Response to What was that about?

  1. I can be quite good at interpretting dreams. The problem is that each element will have symbolism based on you, and not universally ‘true’. So the plummy accent – is that comforting because your mum had an accent like that, or scary because it is so foreign?

    Initial guess is something in you wonders about why the doctor feels excluded and uncomfortable, and there is unresolved anger over it.

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