Happy First Birthday blog

One year old tomorrow. Ten months ago I reflected here whether I would keep this up.  As expected my reflective journaling, (that internal conversation with God) has suffered.  The computer screen just isn’t the same as A5 notebooks and the feel of a fountain pen.  Also much of life in the Parish cannot be published to the blogosphere.  Constantly I have in the back of my mind, ‘Who will this hurt if I tell you about it?’

I set out to talk about the glorious things, those glimpses of glory where I see God at work in the lives of people. Some of those glimpses, I can’t tell you about because it reveals too much of the personal lives of those I love and care for, mostly at times when they were at their most vulnerable. I’ve stuck to the happier stuff so one could be led to believe that rural ministry is always a bed of roses which is not the case.  It is never mundane but walking backwards through treacle is an image that comes to mind often. 

It is GOOD to look back and smile about all the good stuff in this part of God’s kingdom, however small and insignificant it may feel at the time.

My reasons for continuing?  It’s all your fault Dad for getting a computer at the grand old age of 85! I know this provides you with a window on my life which you and Mum would not otherwise see and if it is providing 2 people with a certain amount of pleasure then that is a good enough reason for continuing.

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