Why are you looking for the living amongst the dead?

Note to self –always check the church diary.

For over a year, every Wednesday a group of volunteers from NADFAS (National association of decorative and fine arts society) have been visiting church to make a record of the historical contents of the building. There always seems to be quite a big group of retired folks of a certain social background there. Actually I think it is just another way of forming community and they enjoy each other’s company, certainly there is a lot of chatting and networking that goes on. Everything is being catalogued in miniscule detail, even old mouldering service sheets that should have been thrown out years ago. (The other week they were fretting because 60 booklets I’d prepared for a baptism service were ‘missing’-I was just using them in another church in the benefice where they will stay until I choose to throw them.) I know that they are having a lovely time and I am glad that we have welcomed them into our church building but sometimes I long to show them that this is a living building, not just an object of historical curiosity.

I totally threw those lovely ladies and gentlemen from NADFAS this morning when I brought a class of boisterous happy but well behaved seven years old to look round the church. We had great fun. The kids picked out things that they thought were interesting and we worked out together how we thought they were used today. We opened up all the pew doors, climbed the three decker pulpit, laid the table cloth on the altar, explored the gallery, draw lots of lovely pictures of the very precious building that ‘must be kept as a monument’ (sorry NADFAS we were just having fun like you were. None of the kids were disrespectful in any way but I want to live in and celebrate the present not turn the church into a mausoleum). Today the past clashed with the future.

Think God loves both groups really!

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