Manic weekend ahead

A tad busy this weekend as the village welcomes thousands of visitors.

See what it is all about here.

The villagers work so hard to be hospitable to the ‘invaders’.  Each year they cook a full English breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday for the campers who can’t get their heads around how cheap it is.  I love wandering around the festival later in the day.  It is always lovely to have so many people come up and say thank you.

Sunday will be busy.  The Parish church has a festival songs of praise in the morning and when all the trade unionists lay their wreathes on Hammets grave in the afternoon we lay a wreathe of repentance for our failure to work for justice.  In the evening a service is held in the Methodist church.  In between all that there are teas in the village hall to help with, book stalls and car parking and all the other ways that we can raise money for church.

The atmosphere seems to get better every year and I am looking forward to listening to Billy Brag again.

Somehow in all the excitement I have to remember to go do a comminion service and matins in two other villages

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