….and my congregation

restore my faith in the Church of England.

I went off lectionary today at St M’s family service as we were marking the end of the village carnival.  Instead we did the story of David dancing before the ark of the covenant.

The CW had bought lots of cheap plastic combs and greaseproof paper.  I fell about laughing as a group of ladies of a certain age formed a band and showed the kids how to play the comb.  I wish I had a camera as a group of 70 year olds fell into a giggly heap in a most undignified manner as they enjoyed worshipping God.  By the end of the service we had managed to form a procession behind the ‘ark’ with shakers, combs and vevuzelas.

THIS is church and not what is going on in synod at the moment.

AND I love it.

By the way, not one person asked me what I thought about synod or the news.

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