So here is a very poor vicars letter for the August Magazine which I may very well tweak before tomorrows deadline

Dear Friends

If you live in P you can’t have failed to notice that work has begun on the church tower.  It took over a week to erect the scaffolding and the tower is now clad in red and white safety netting.  From a distance the tower has taken on the appearance of a lighthouse even though the sea is 15 miles away.  All we need now is a large light instead of the flag-pole to guide folks into P.  We are hoping that the repairs to the tower will be completed by the end of November and are very grateful for all the fund raising efforts that have made the work possible.  Keep it up! 

I have been wondering if ‘a lighthouse’ is a good metaphor for being church.  

The point of a lighthouse is to guide ships on their way. 

  • A good church is one that continually points folks towards Jesus and not to itself. 

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (psalm119.105) 

A lighthouse warns seafarers of dangerous rocks. 

  • Good churches are prophetic.  They point out to society that God is more important than success or money or fame.  They warn us when we are losing sight of God and what really matters. 

Lighthouses are found in difficult places, often on the rocks or out to sea.

  • We are called as a church to go to the difficult places; to seek out the lost and the broken.  Sometimes we need to go outside our comfort zone if we are to be a light to the world. 
  • However, when times are rough and feel stormy for us, the church and our faith are something that we can cling on to

 Lighthouses are there for everyone to use

  • Good churches welcome and affirm all people in whatever ministry or vocation God calls them to.  They are truly inclusive.


As we watch as the work continues on the church tower here in P let’s take a moment to ponder how our churches can be like lighthouses.

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