Confirmation dithering

Sometimes you have to make a decision on the little information you have and then stick with the choices you have made.  I know it is my tendency to be the world’s worst procrastinator so I have to make quick decisions and then act on them or nothing gets done.  (It’s Myers-Briggs fault for telling me I’m INFP).

Last year we started confirmation classes at the middle school hoping that a confirmation service with the bishop in school would become an annual event.  Eight children were confirmed in a very exciting service. This year, Bishop G is booked to come in July so last term I sent out letters to the parents of year 8 children.  It’s hard enough standing up in front of the whole school when there is a large group being confirmed, it is much more daunting if there are only a few of you, so when there was only one response and that from a child that hadn’t been baptised, I decided to cancel the year 8 chaplain who was coming in to do the preparation and apologised to the bishop’s secretary.  The head of course was disappointed.  I should have left it there but dithered (always a bad move- it always causes more stress). I heard myself standing up in assembly last week encouraging the kids and telling them what a great thing it would be to do. (Holy Spirit always has the last laugh! It’s a good job I can laugh at myself too!)

 The result. I now have a confirmation class that I will have to run myself and NO bishop.

OK, I think.  Easy-peasy, I’ll just take them up to the cathedral for the next confirmation there.  Lovely liturgical chaplain gets back-it’s all booked up this year.  So I am now ringing round all the neighbouring deaneries to see if I can slot them in there.

I will not dither.  Four kids will be confirmed, and one baptised even if I have to take them to four different venues but Lord, couldn’t you have arranged for them to all be in my parishes?  Life would have been so much simpler.

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