Weddings and the recession

Last year there were 17 weddings across the benefice.  This year there are 5, none live in the villages, all are using a qualifying connection.  Next year there are only 2 booked as of yet.  Will we have a year where there are none? (of course this may just reflect the fact that young couples can no longer afford to live in the countryside and the villages in which they grew up)

I’m wondering now that it is easier to get married in other places whether we are seeing a downward trend in the numbers wanting to come to church.  Perhaps couples are under the impression that it is expensive to get married in church.  I think £260 is a bargain. (Probably a tenth of the price of the wedding dress the bride wore this Saturday-it was gorgeous though!)

I do find it scary when I see how much is spent on one day.

Tomorrow my god-daughter is getting married.  It will be great to sit in the congregation for a change and reflect on how someone else conducts the ceremony.

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