Sabbatical -week one

Murphy’s law!  We’ve had a relatively quiet run so the minute the boss disappears the funeral directors are on the answer machine.

I’ve decided I most definately need another ‘me’.  Still, the wonderful retired clergy will appreciate ‘helping me out’ and of course they get to keep the fee!

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1 Response to Sabbatical -week one

  1. Nik says:

    Ahhh yes…
    I was doing a 2 month locum last summer. The minister had said it had been quite quiet. She did flag up one person who was very close to death. When the phone rang and the undertaker said ‘hello’… I naturally thought to myself it was about the person I’d been previously told about.
    And the phone rang another 4 times….
    5 funerals in 10 days… I did 3.
    Minister came back to do 1.
    Other funeral had been arranged without checking my availability… and so clashed with one I was already doing.
    When minister came back from study leave she went to her book, looked in it, and said…
    ‘well I knew I hadn’t done many funerals this year. I’ve had 5 this year. How did you get to be so ‘lucky’ and get 5 in 10 days?’

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