Going with the (ash) flow

Mathmagic is currently stuck in Sweden.  It will do him good to realise that sometimes you have no control over the unfolding events around you so the best policy is to go with the flow and enjoy the adventure.

That’s how I am going to approach the interegnum son!  See you when you get back.  Before your exams, I hope!

Oh, and well done UK team A on getting a silver medal at the EU Science Olympiad.

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1 Response to Going with the (ash) flow

  1. Kathryn says:

    So you have one stuck in Sweden, and we have a few dozen curates who should be heading TO Sweden tomorrow, but can’t…And I have too many friends with husbands stuck in the USA, and the Dufflepud is in mourning because his GF can’t get home from Venice.
    I’m wondering if even 10 years ago there would have been quite so many families affected – it has made me ponder how dependent we are on living in a “small world”.

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