Low Sunday

I always thought it was called Low Sunday because the numbers at communion on the Sunday following Easter were always low.  How stupid am I?  Actually it comes from the Latin ‘Laus’ to praise; a reminder that we are in Easter season, it didn’t all just happen on one day last week but we are moving into the 50 days of Eastertide, 50 days of alleluias.


Today at the end of the services I gave out a letter from the vicar announcing that he will be leaving when he returns from his sabbatical.  It has left the flock feeling rather low.  Of course there will be a few mean spirited people who will shout alleluia at the announcement that he is leaving but most will be feeling very sad indeed especially when they realise that he is leaving parochial ministry.  I don’t think he has any idea how much he is loved, especially by those on the margins of church life.

I have known about the timing of this for about 12 months and am grateful that he has told others now as I am not sure how much longer I could keep it to myself. (I’ve been a good girl honest!!).  I’ve already had to smile sweetly and bite back my irritation at too many ‘Oh you are going to be so busy’ comments about the sabbatical as if I wasn’t really doing anything at the moment.

So, this good little NSM will continue what she does best (holding things together), cover the sabbatical and the interegnum, stick it out and see who God sends us next.

Well it is Low Sunday.  I can’t be glorious all the time  can I!  Allow a girl a little whinge.

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1 Response to Low Sunday

  1. Kathryn says:

    Sweetie…it will be heavy, won’t it…but there are loads of people praying for you and for your communities…also for B as he moves into a new phase.
    Gin, virtual or real, available on demand – and feel free to “tell it like it is” when you need to.
    hugs xxx

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