Easter joy

There have been many glorious things in the past week.  Here are a few

  • the exhuberence of the First school children as they sang ‘our God is a great big God’ complete with actions at their Easter service
  • the beautiful sunny weather for the year 8’s passion walk, marking the end of term and the relief on the RE teachers face when it ‘worked’.
  • the willingness of the tractor man to stop cutting the playing field grass as we walked
  • all the lovely stuff 30 children who came to the Good Friday workshop made, especially the decorated eggs and palm crosses that transformed the large plain cross ready for Easter Sunday
  • the hour spent at the Good Friday evensong when I could sit in the congregation and be fed myself
  • sharing Easter home communion with all the house bound people that I love so dearly
  • the lovely anthem that the ‘scratch’ choir sang at the Easter Sunday communion at St A’s.  They made a beautiful start to the service and set the tone just right.
  • Rolling Easter eggs up and down the aisle at St A’s with the toddlers
  • good singing at St M’s and a congregation willing to move out of their pews for the sermon.
  • the kind folks that were willing to leave the service to go and help in the Sunday school and creche because we had so many children.  Double the numbers last year.
  • beautifully decorated churches
  • not having to cook lunch on Sunday
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