Scrap store heaven

It’s been a day for recycling.  ‘The doctor’ has been clearing the garage.  He didn’t want the people who are coming to measure up for new garage doors to see the mess. (How the doors got a great big dent in them, a month after they were painted is another story)

Amongst, the mess were hundreds of decorated jam jars left over from the Advent service.  I managed to rescue half of them for next year before the rest were chucked into the back of my car with all the other rubbish.  We then drove to the dump and I enjoyed listening to them smash as I dropped them into the recycling bin.   I hope all the glitter on them doesn’t contaminate the recyling process.  Someone , somewhere is going to get some sparkly glass.

It was then on to the  scrap store ; a real Aladdins cave of bits and bobs and a godsend for Sunday school and holiday clubs.  We are so lucky that it is located in one of our villages. For £5 you get to fill a black sack with as much glorious ‘rubbish’ as you can carry.   There are always the usual scraps of material, paper, card, buttons, yoghurt pots, plastic, string, industrial leftovers and all manner of stuff for junk modelling.  Today I was on the look out for stuff for the Good Friday holiday club and I wasn’t disappointed. 

It always amazes me that with a bit of imagination someones elses scrap can be transformed into something glorious. It’s also fun watching other adults in the store become like children and they excitedly gather stuff and dream up what they could do with it. 

Does God see us like this, as something that with a little imagination and creativity can be transformed into something beautiful?  I hope so.

I only came away with 6kg of stuff this time. More rubbish with which to fill up the garage.  ‘The doctor’ will be happy!

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