Easter egg assembly

These plastic hollow Easter eggs have arrived in the post just in time for the end of term Easter services at the First schools. They come in lots of delicious bright colours and are lovely for little hands to hold.  I picked up this fab idea from the diocescan children’s advisor.  You fill each egg with a different part of the Easter story.  As they are opened in order, the kids can help tell the story.  I am going to number them all and fill a basket with them.

So far I have collected a little toy donkey and cockerel.  I have cut up a Palm cross and turned it into a mini version.  I am going to put a nail in another, bread in another.

I am now on the look out for other little bits to help tell the story.

My inner child is having glorious fun.

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3 Responses to Easter egg assembly

  1. Nik says:

    Ooooh, fantastic idea Sarah – where do you get the plastic hollow eggs from????? Just curious, and of course I want to pinch this fantastic idea 😉

  2. gloriousthings says:

    Got mine through Amazon. Lots of choice of colours and size

  3. nancy wall says:

    my granddaughter got an egg carton from Sunday School one year with 12 colored eggs and each day she was to open one. The last egg was obviously empty for the empty tomb. Can’t remember what each thing stood for….does any one know? 1 round soup cracker 2 nickel 3 piece of rope 4 piece of puple cloth 5 sticky pod off tree 6 little white cross 7 nail 8 piece of sponge 9 tooth pick with foil on end 10 piece of sponge dressing 11 rock and 12 empty. can figure most of it…..but just wish I could find how the story was written that came with it. help me if you can. Thanks.

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