Not working

See previous post!

Not working in the past week has included:

1 home communion

1 bereavement visit

visit to lovely elderly people

2 midweek communion services

2 baptism visits

2 Lent lunches

1 middle school assembly

2 first school assemblies

1 school lunch time club

family service planning meeting

1 marriage preparation visit to fill out banns form


chaired 1 PCC meeting plus all the attendant admin

2 Sunday services plus sermons

Tiddler group

a meeting at first school to plan Easter service and assemblies for next term

a coffee morning (where I discovered retired priest was in hospital, why am I the last to know?)

a meal out with the ladies from WI (yes this really is work, I wouldn’t be going for fun)

a difficult staff meeting with boss

lunch with retired clergy to keep them feeling in the loop.

Tomorrow I have to chair a benefice treasurers meeting, ring a church heating engineer, do school lunch time club and in the spaces sort out two non eucharistic (always takes a bit of time when there is no liturgy) mothering sunday services plus write sermons and prayers and do a hospital visit.  Saturday I am going to some CMD training in the diocese. Then on Sunday we’ re back to the beginning again.

So.  I am clearly not working.

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One Response to Not working

  1. Kathryn says:

    Well obviously not…Clearly you should just pull yourself together and get a proper job!!!
    Are you taking a day off at all? (I know I’m a fine one to talk but this week it’s working for me, so I can come across as all sorted and bounded – tho you know better 😉 )

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