Assemblies this month

8am. The kids left for school ages ago and I’m outside on a frosty morning hacking at the laurel bush (don’t tell the doctor I’m trashing the garden). 

I’ve decided that trying to pack the whole Easter story into the last week of this term and an Easter Assembly is not enough.  I am going to start now.  So this morning, at St M’s first school we will re-enact the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, only we won’t be waving palms, laurel will have to do.  The pussy willow isn’t out yet and I think the doctor will notice if I wreak havoc on the bay tree. 

I’ve just found an old Graham Kendrick tape (Make way-songs for the streets) which will be fun to process to.  I’m sure we can find some coats to strew in Jesus path too! [wondering if there is a CD version.  This is an old tape from the 80’s.  I kept it because the doctor was singing in the chorus.  I can tease him about it when he gets too Richard Dawkins]

Time to go and have fun with the kids!

lovely job!

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