hymns for Sunday

A perfect week off would include no services on the following Sunday.  Have suddenly realised that I really do need to write a sermon for our thanksgiving service and choose the hymns so that I can let the organist know.  I also need to think about a familiy service too!

I think we will sing

Now thank we all our God

Forty days and forty nights

Lead us heavenly Father lead us

God forgave my sin…

And yes I do know that it is the second Sunday in Lent but last week St A’s didn’t sing because they had a said BCP communion so they will have missed out on 40 days. And yes I do know that it is not Mothering Sunday yet but we do need to thank God.  I’m hoping that the CWs here have sent out my letter about giving to everyone on the electoral roll.

Will be interested to see what the CW has chosen to go with the hen reading at All Saints.  It’s always a bit pot luck here.

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1 Response to hymns for Sunday

  1. Kathryn says:

    I know what you mean, but had a wonderful vision for a moment of a hen reading…Wish it could happen!

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