Pancake conflagration

My risk assessment for Pancake praise on Sunday didn’t include the time taken to find a pair of scissors to cut the plastic tie on the fire extinguisher! (Must have a word with the village hall trustees- oh dear that’s me!)  In the time that took, one of the Dad’s had the presence of mind to pick up the portable gas stove complete with gas cylinder that had caught fire and throw it through the fire exit where it continued to burn on the muddy playing field.  The bishop will surely sack me.

Thanks be to God no child was hurt in the debacle.

Great service by the way.  Lots of happy children and pancakes made and tossed.  Next month we are going on a nice and simple passiontide walk.  There is no fire and flames in the passion story, plenty of nails though…..?

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One Response to Pancake conflagration

  1. Liz says:

    I bet the just looove you there. You sound like a breath of fresh air!

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