He was a man that used to notice such things

I am not a huge fan of Thomas Hardy (especially since beyond the grave he caused us so many problems over at St M’s) but at Ps funeral this afternoon, the family have chosen to read Afterwards.  In it Hardy reflects on what people would say of him after his death.

P was a fiercly independent and private man but devoted to his large family. I had coffee with him once a month because I took his wife home communion.  He had written on his will ‘no mourning and no fuss’.  He remembered to say please!  I’m rather sad that it is to be a private funeral.  You see, despite being so private and keeping his own company he was a man that used to notice things. ‘Come in, come in, Got any news?’ he would say, ‘How’s that boy of yours?’  Because he was so intensely proud of his own family, he was always interested in yours.  His wife’s carers would find themselves telling him everything about themselves.

I’m sorry P but there are a lot of non family that loved you dearly because you were a man that noticed such things.  They too, need to mourn and make a fuss.

P may you rest in peace and rise in glory.

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