Further reflections on Sunday

Very Smiley this morning.  Got this email from a retired priest.

On an entirely different note. I thought, and I am not alone, that yesterday’s Family Service in the Village Hall was the best worship service I have been to in [St M’s] since we came here. Another older member of our church who has been here for twice my length of time made the same comment. It was great to be with so many young people, to be warm, to be comfortable and to be able to speak to people before and after the service.

 More and more often please!

I have been musing over why so many came.  I don’t think it was entirely to do with warmth and comfort although I will admit it was nicer than freezing in church.  I also don’t think it was because it was something new and people came because they were curious.  Everyone there did have some connection with church.  It didn’t generated new people. 

I think it was down to the small group of people that formed a ‘worship team’ and came up with the ideas.  They have finally taken ownership of this service-it is theirs.  They wanted it to work so they persuaded all their families to come and those that go to the tiddler group invited their friends along too.

They are not at the point when they could do this on their own. (I need to teach someone how to do the technology).  However, I am learning that I am working at my best when I am work ing myself out of a job.  I need to go and remind myself what Peter Rollins says about leaderless leadership.

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