A technophobe and the grace of God

St M’s had its first family service in the village hall yesterday.  A full PA system with microphone, CD player, DVD player, projector, laptop and screen is just about at the limit of my technical ability.  There are far too many different wires to cope with and there was a mess of spaghetti across the stage because I just didn’t have the time on my own to be fussy.  It really was a case of me relying on the grace of God.  In fact I can’t believe how calm I appeared on the surface. It has shown me that we do need to find someone to do the techy stuff so I can concentrate on the service and not spend time getting panicky over whether it will work or not especially as I didn’t have a low tech contingency plan for this one.  The thought that I might have to send folks down the road to collect some hymn books and an ordinary CD player did cross my mind at one point.

As it was the first attempt at doing church in the village hall, I needed it to go well, especially for the new worship team that came up with the ideas.  I need to get them to the point where they can do this on their own.  The aim is to be made redundant.

This was cafe style church at its best.  I was expecting the normal congregation, to my surprise double the numbers appeared and it was a case of getting more tables and chairs out.  Fortunately the vicars constant optism has begun to rub off on me so we did have enough stuff.

We looked at the Exodus story and Moses face shining because he had been with God.  We talked about how people who have spent time with Jesus also shine. People who are in love for the first time ,shine.  Are we shining because we have been with Jesus? We made Valentines cards picking out verses from the Bible about love to stick in them while we watch a bit from the film ‘Stardust’ where the fallen star shines because she is in love.  We talked about how we can shine this Lent.  The children looked at the ‘Love life, live Lent’ booklets and the adults at the Christan Aid count your blessings leaflet. We sang and we prayed and we had a great time with a true mix of ages.

Phew!  It’s no wonder I collapsed into a heap when I got home.  Thank goodness for the 8 o’clock communion, an oasis of calm before the storm.

I’m not quite sure how I got the technical stuff to work.  Thanks God!  Please can I have some help next time?

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1 Response to A technophobe and the grace of God

  1. Danny says:

    Well this technophobe is speechless with admiration! I don’t have any technology (apart from a sound system) in my current charge and I miss it from time to time… but if I had it I would never contemplate doing it all on my own. I think you should be patting yourself on the back – while identifying someone to help you out 🙂

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