Chip van evangelism-let’s go where people are

Have had great fun tonight at the chip van which visits the village of St A’s once a week.  I only wish I had worked harder at getting some more of the congregation to come with me.  But the 70+year old CW is a star and everyone loved talking to her.  All we were doing was giving out Valentine’s Day cards with information about pancake making and racing next week at church and chocolate hearts.

Next to no-one refused a card and everyone enjoyed a chocolate while they were waiting for their chips. No-one seemed to be suspiscious that we were giving them something. People were more willing to chat to each other. 

(within an hour I’d had 2 prayer requests, 2 enquiries about church, some offers of help and a number of pastoral conversations-none of which had been the intention)

Wonderful CW will now tell others how easy peasey mission is.

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One Response to Chip van evangelism-let’s go where people are

  1. Liz says:

    Well done. Covert outreach. In my last parish I used to set up table and offer communion outside our local chip shop on Good Friday – fast food and soul food – would work even better Maunday Thursday if that’s when the chip van visits!

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