Lent. What shall we do this year?

Kids are starting to worry that I am going to give up supermarket shopping again for Lent.  It means they will have to give up their crisp and jammy dodger addiction.    It all started when I walked into our local after the Ash Wednesday service two years ago.  I hadn’t had time for supper so was eating a creme egg as I ordered a G&T.  “See, t’ vicar hasn’t given up chocolate or drink for Lent then!”  At that point I was challenged to give up shopping at the supermarket.  The pub was full of farm labourers that night.

By the next day all 520 children at the middle school knew all about the challenge thanks to vicar telling on me.   I didn’t dare cheat all Lent because someone would have spotted me.  It was a really good discipline because I discovered loads of farm shops that I didn’t know existed and it did change my shopping habits for a while.  The tricky thing was not to drive any extra miles.

I guess the best thing for me and the environment this year would be to try to use my bike a bit more but that is a bit wooly.  It has to be more specific but if I say that I will cycle to the midweek communions I know I will fail.

As for our lovely congregations,  I shall encourage them to do either ‘love life live lent’ or Christian Aid’s ‘count your blessings’.

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