Getting R.E right

Last week the middle school had its OFSTED inspection.  It looks like the pastoral and welfare aspects of the school will get an outstanding report.  The inspector in his reporting back cited this random conversation he had with a child.

“What do you like about school?”

“I like RE best?”

“Oh, why’s that then?”

“We get to learn about what other people believe-like muslims and Hindus”

“Has it made you think about what you believe?”

“Well, I know I wouldn’t want to be a Muslim”  In any other school alarm bells would be ringing by now . The inspector sensibly pressed on.

“Why’s that then?”

“Well they try hard to pray 5 times a day and they give to the poor but they still have to put up with all that bad press because of a few stupid terroists.  It doesn’t seem fair”

Thank you God for putting the right child in the right place at the right time.

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  1. Nik says:

    Oh, but how fab is that?! 🙂

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