Back to basics

Oh I really am hopeless! 

For assembly this week I am continuing the story of Joseph.  There are some nice themes that you can draw out in the story which fit with the ‘going for goal’  topic that the children do as part of their social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL) such as being special, using your gifts, how to behave when wrongly accused, knowing that God has not forgotten you and such like.

Because I alternate with the vicar at both schools we let each other know how far we have got with the story.  Last week he did a really whizzy PowerPoint and because he had changed the words to ‘Brother sister let me serve you ‘ to make is slightly more accessible for the 4 to 9 year olds, he emailed it to me.  The idea being that we would be singing the same words.

So I took his whizzy powerpoint and added the next bit of the story.  I had fat cows gobbling up skinny cows and dancing corn. Glorious! A  brilliant bit of work for this technophobe.

Saving the changes. NOT GLORIOUS!

So I go to put it on a memory stick to take to school this morning and where is it?  Nowhere!  Not hiding anywhere in my computer.  Not even in a temporary file.

Bother bother bother!

Back to basics then.  Plain old-fashioned story telling with no props which is glorious when I’m doing it.  At least we had fun doing a hand jive to pharaoh’s dream from Joseph and his technological dreamcoat.  At least I had time to download that from itunes.  I’m now hoping credit card company has not stopped my card for the 99p it cost.

Heigho.  Note to self. SAVE SAVE SAVE.

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