I have called you by name

Ok so I am not menopausal or suffering from early signs of dementia but I am finding it increasingly difficult to recall people’s names; a bit of a handicap in this line of work but hardly surprising with 4 villages and three schools.  Worse, is meeting someone out of context and then spending the whole conversation desperately listening out for hints because you have passed the point of asking them to remind you who they are. (I am an introvert, I don’t know why I can’t just ask them!) 

I wonder whether too much internet and clever technology is changing the way I think.  It’s either that or it is making me and my brain incredibly lazy.  It’s so easy to find out things at the touch of a keyboard that I don’t make the effort to learn things anymore and that includes people’s names which is unforgivable.   There will be a time soon when no one will be able to recall anything without checking on the internet.  It is why I am so pleased that starstruck loves learning lots of prose.  She’ll still remember it in her eighties I hope. 

My friend in a neighbouring benefice gives communion to all her large congregation using their names.  I wish I could do that, but what will it say to the one person I should know but have forgotten.  Oh dear!

 Today I will start with the 27 kids that come to Sunday school on a Friday.  By next week I will know them by their names.

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