Nearest coffee shop- 10miles

You know you live out in the sticks when the nearest starbucks/costa is over 10 miles away.  This is a good thing!  But it also means that the nearest (tiny) cinema is also 10 miles away and the regional theatre is 30 miles. 

So projects like Moviola where films are shown in the village hall are great opportunites to bring the community together.  Especially at St A’s, when the last bus back from town leaves at 6pm.  Artsreach is good news too.  Artsreach is Dorset’s rural touring arts organisation.  It gives rural communities all over Dorset the opportunity to see and participate in high quality arts events in their own villages.  They liaise with performers and villages to put on performances.

Last night the Miracle thetare Company came from Cornwall to the middle school at St M’s to perform, ‘the revenge of Rumplestiltskin’.  The school hall was full of families enjoying high quality theatre.  We all went too and I was was smiley.  There are not many things we do all together as a family that don’t involve long walks and a disgruntled daughter.

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