The grass is greener…

I can only write this because I don’t think any of my parishioners know I’m here, but just in case, if you are a parishioner reading this please be assured that I have no intention of leaving (well not just this minute…..everything is provisional with God)

This week I received the profile of another job that I know I could do, something, that would provide a new challenge. I’ve been in this benefice for 7 years, 5 as a clergy person. If all things were equal, I would apply for it.  But that is not going to happen because I would have to move the kids from their school. 

Now, it is not a case of the grass being greener elsewhere because I know it isn’t.  I love this place, I love the people and I love this job.  It is who I am.  I also know how to live in the present moment unlike some people who are so wrapped up in thinking about the next job that they miss what is under their noses.  But a girl can look at the job adds in the Church Times now and again and dream, can’t she?

The bible is full of journeying motifs and moving on to new things, so here’s me desperately searching for stuff about staying put both in the place and in the moment.

So here is some stuff;

Mark 5:19  ‘Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you’

When the man healed from the demonic spirit (Gaderene Swine story) wanted to follow Jesus he was told to stay put.  The result was that he told many people at home all about Jesus and they were amazed.

Ezekiel 1-3 is slightly less helpful.  He was told to go to his own people who would be rebellious.  God said he would give him a forehead as hard as flint (to cope with tricky PCC meetings I guess)

Any other bright ideas?

p.s. It’s just occurred to me that there is a lot of stuff about stability in the Benedictine rule.  Time to read that again,  I think.


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