Who wants to come to boring Sunday school….

It’s much more exciting with me on a Friday lunchtime at school.  The children at St A’s First school have been nagging me silly about restarting a ‘Friends and heroes’ club in school time.  Well, after a terms break the kids have finally worn me down.  Isn’t it great when it is actually something that they want rather than being forced along to church on a Sunday morning. 

This is not a church school so I do have to be a bit careful. Last week I sent out letters to parents and had 22 replies.  Today there were 27 kids.  What do I do about those that don’t have parental permission for me to ‘proseletsye’ them?  It’s so tricky and I don’t want to get the school into trouble but when the kids turn up wanting to join in, I am not going to send them away am I? And it is also good for the kids who do come along to invite their friends to come and see (all very biblical) because it’s fun.  I suspect that last year there were a small number of kids that didn’t let on to their parents that they came.  Quite often, if there was something that could be taken home, a child would give it to me as a present.

Sunday school on a Friday lunchtime. Glorious fun.

Ahab,Jezebel and Naboth today.  Bullying and murder. What am I teaching them?

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