When two or three are gathered together

Surprised by the 13 who turned up at St A’s for Parish Communion and the 7 at All saints for Family communion.  Both churches were very cold again and I am most envious of the vicar who was able to transfer his services to the church room and First school for a bit of heat.

It interests me that when two or three are gathered together they still persist in doing things in the same way as if the church was full.  At StA’s I was met with huge resistance to the suggestion that they might like to come and sit in the choir stalls nearer me for warmth rather than be dotted around the church miles away from each other.  Seated like that I find it so hard to bring them closer to God and sometimes long for them to be within hugging distance.  When they finally gave way, the whole dynamic suddenly changed.  They became chatty and informal and almost glad to be there. It also meant I could hear what was on their hearts at the beginning of the service and hold them before God. The worship became intimate and focussed.  It felt like a community worshipping together rather than a group of individuals at prayer.  The singing was better too!  

It’s amazing what a bit of snow can do for building community.  People actually smile at each other.

The police have shut the road between the two villages because the single track road on the hill is too dangerous and icy so this morning I had to do a long detour to get to All Saints. By then the folks were firmly rooted and settled in their pews.  Never mind.  Next time, if we get  any less I’ll get them up round the altar with me,really up close to God.

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