Surprised by God…

walking back from the pub last night.  Great news as my prayer life has been a bit ‘tired’ of late and I was at the point of wondering where He (or is it me?) had got to.

The first Thursday is when all the younger women in the village get together for a drink.  I promised myself I wouldn’t stay too late again but it was so cosy and the company was so good with so much laughter (and a few tears) that I had no motivation for moving away from the fire.  I guess God was there in the conversations and companionship.

I dragged myself away at 11.30pm and stepped out into a beautifully clear night, not a cloud in the sky.  The stars were especially twinkly and the moon so bright.  All was perfectly silent except for the satisfying crunch my boots were making in the frosty snow.  And suddenly everything seemed right in the world and it was good to be alive.  As I walked home in the dark every resident was held and blessed as I passed their house.

It’s great living here; to feel for a moment, alone and the only one in the universe and yet so loved, held and safe.  (I only had one gin, Mum, honest!)

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