Snow, glorious snow.

This is the church path at All Saints this afternoon. I must keep my camera in the car.  Yesterday at 8am everywhere was bathed in a glorious golden glow.  By the time I had got home the moment had passed.

The exciting thing about living in the country is having a friendly farmer with a tractor that is willing to tow people up the hill into the village.  This afternoon there was a queue of cars on Bissells hill.  I now know how to fix a tow bar onto my car (and where it is hidden).  Slightly disppointed that I didn’t have my camera on me to record all the fun.

We moved here seven years ago and it was on Epiphany that I had to be towed out of a ditch because I had slid on the ice.  It was the same tractor then!

Today, seven years on, I am more confident that someone will stop to help.  I love living here!

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