Back to work with a glorious bump

Shiny Epiphany with three very different services made me realise why I love this job so much. 

The day began with the baptism of a 12 year old at St A’s.  She had been so moved by the baptism of her mother back in October that she suddenly realised that she wanted to follow Jesus too.  Our only water source from a  tap in the church yard had frozen so the CW had wisely brought some water in a kettle.  She filled the font with boiling water at the start of the service and we watched it steaming like a cauldron.  I was worried we might scald the poor child but the CW was convinced that it would cool down in time and she was right.  It was so cold up in the sanctuary that I could barely pick up the freezing cold chalice.

Service 2 at St M’s had a very low turn out but I still had fun with the children chalking the door of the church room.  We slipped out during the first hymn to play.  Would the others have noticed if I had not come back?  It was tempting to stay with the kids.  I wonder what would have happened at the end of the hymn?  Wot no vicar?  What do we do now?  Maybe one day I will try that and see what happens. 

Service 3 saw the first afternoon family service at St J’s.  They are trying the same format as St A’s.  We all had fun writing prayers and folding them into origami stars and placing them on the Christmas tree.  It was a jolly time with a wide range of ages which bodes well for the future and because we were in the village hall, it was warm.  Hurrah!

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