Showing up

I’m having a lovely lazy post Christmas week with the family but today I really do need to get my head around something to say on Sunday.  Last sermon writing is not on.  I love our folks here enough not to want to bore them to death. The trouble is I can’t get motivated.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  As with all holidays regular intentional prayer goes out the window because- ridiculously -it seems like work and I do need a break.  It’s therefore no wonder that I have no inspiration or motivation.  Entirely my fault for not showing up! So out of desperation I decided to pull out what I had written for Epiphany the last few years.  It seems that last year I talked about the kings and the shepherds showing up.  It seems such a small thing.  They didn’t have to show up but they did.  After all God didn’t have to show up but he did.

Hmmm…… New Years resolution.  Show up. Be a bit more present.  God might even show up too which would be really scary.

PS Happy New Year everyone.

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