Thanking God today for…….

  • Time to pray with vicar in the busiest week ever!
  • RAC man who fixed flat tyre (second one in last 3 months grrrr)
  • a chance to slow down because of the two hour wait
  • a surprising lack of frustration and irritation over stuff not done and mucked up diary and not beating myself up for having to ring and apologise to loads of people.
  • mobile phones.¬†
  • delightful kids at the first school nativity who were so excited to tell THE story
  • relighting candles (ones you can’t blow out) on Jesus birthday cake that actually worked
  • a church bursting at the seams with everyone enjoying themselves
  • slow cookers and supper ready when I got home
  • the wonderful doctor who managed to leave work on time to fetch our stranded kids (missed late bus) despite being on call.
  • mobile phones ( again)
  • a warm house and………..bed
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