Prayer consequences

If I had asked each member of the congregation on Sunday to write a prayer or Advent cry during the family service and then to read it out I am sure I would have had mutiny on my hands or at least cries of this is too difficult, we can’t do this, we are not good enough.

Instead, I made it a corporate act.  We began by discussing all the names for God, for example, wonderful, counsellor, mighty God, prince of peace.  We managed to find one for every letter of the alphabet. Everyone was given a piece of A5 paper and a pen.  At the top of the page they chose a  name for God, wrote, O……….then folded it back like we were playing the party game consequences and passed it on to another person.

They then wrote some way that God acted in the world eg. You love us and have created us in your image.  This was then folded back and passed on to the next person who wrote something that they would like God to do eg. Come and bring peace to the world.



Come and……….


We then read the resulting prayers to each other.  On Sunday I heard some of the most profound prayers from people who think that they cannot pray.

Thank you God for the intimacy of small congregations (there were 20 of us, plus 5 children)

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1 Response to Prayer consequences

  1. Kathryn says:

    That sounds utterly wonderful….May I note it for future reference (though being me I’ll forget where it is I’ve squirrelled it if I do…)?
    re the alphabetical thing – were you reading here when the children of Ch Kings made me a patchwork cushion of adjectives for God as a gift at my priesting? My favourites were “Various” “Xciting” and “Questing”….

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