Food glorious food!

The annual food fest has begun and this vicar is beginning to ponder on the tactics that should be employed in order to keep the portion size down without offending various hosts.  The episode where the vicar of Dibley eats numerous Christmas lunches is well observed and so close to the truth it’s not funny. 

Last night it was the WI Christmas meal, today there was stollen at St M’s coffee morning.  Tonight we say thank you to all the church cleaners with food and drink.  On Friday it is the last Pop in before Christmas so I suspect that there will be Christmas cake and chocolate gateau.  There will be loads of people there because we are raffling the goose.

On Sunday it’s St J’s carol service.  Knowing the wonderful people there, the whole village will have cooked mince pies to soak up the mulled wine.  There will be more when we go carol singing at All Saints.  Fantastic cook at the pub will have made some.

Fortunately for me next week ,the first school Christmas lunch at St A’s and the OAP Christmas lunch at St M’s clash.  Last year they were on consecutive days.  I think I ate three lots of turkey that week.

I love it all, especially people being hospitable and working together as a community.  Guess I will just have to be bulgy for a bit.

So far

mince pie count=0,

stollen slices=3

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One Response to Food glorious food!

  1. Kathryn says:

    Am in the bizarre position here of having NO groups with Christmas meals at all….Both schools are without kitchens, MU folded long since, so tho we will have mince pies after both carol services and carols in the pubs, I am going to get through the whole of Christmas 09 without a turkey crossing my lips – unless, of course, we relent and have turkey instead of duck on 25th.
    I think I might just have to go in search of stollen today, though, now you’ve mentioned it. After all, it IS Friday…;-)

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