Advent candles

There was a brillliant cartoon in last weeks Church Times.  A choir boy/young person is trying to light the Advent candle, the vicar is jumping up and down on the advent wreathe/greenery that has caught fire (oasis is very flammable) and the church warden is racing in with a fire extinguisher.

That was us last year!  I must remember to cut out the cartoon and give it to our churchwarden who grabbed the nearest thing-water in the cruet ready for communion-to dowse the flames.

No such fun and games this year.  We need a bit of excietment to wake us up.

A few years ago ( well 10 actually) I made up a song to sing with the children in church as we light the Advent candles. It goes to the tune ‘Londons burning’

Advent candles, Avent candles

Light the darkness, light the darkness

Get ready, Get ready

Christ is coming, Christ is coming.

That time we nearly had to sing ‘fetch the engines, fetch the engines’

I haven’t let on that I made it up. It was one of those spur of the moment things when a lot of children were in church one Sunday in Advent and I couldn’t on the spot remember what or who each candle represented.

We’ve been singing it here for the last 6 years, not that long for it to become a tradition so I don’t think I will let on that it is not that old!

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