Haven’t taken my coat off yet.    Ahh, I thought as I looked through the CMD courses for this year, this will be a nice gentle non cerebral/relaxing workshop to do in the busy run up to Christmas.  It might even slow me down a bit in the helter skelter rush through  December.

‘Icons of the incarnation’-with S who is now in Winchester but was the artist in residence when I was at theological college.  It promised to be a time of reflecting plus creating something special. S always brings along loads of interesting craft materials with her and we get to play.  By the end of the day we make something rather glorious.

Today, I didn’t get to see the finished result. For the first time ever I have come away from a course early. The hall was freezing and we all had to keep our coats and gloves on.  Clergy are supposed to be hardy souls and used to airy church buildings  but all I could think about was hot chocolate and a nice hot water bottle.

So, I’m now at home.  The kettle is on.  Bread is in toaster.  Blow the diet, I am going to have lashings of melted butter and when I have thawed out I will take my coat off.


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