Christmas is coming.

I took the ‘Travelling nativity Box’ with all the knitted nativity figures into the award assembly at St A’s this morning to show the children. It was my ideal opportunity to catch parents and get them to sign up to have the box for the night. I don’t think all the sheep found their way back to the crib service last year so there might be a hurried night knitting ahead. My sheep look more like hedgehogs! Really families need to have the box for more than one night. Not only does it contain all the nativity but there are story books, colouring sheets, an advent candle, various Christmas DVDs and comics and a disposable camera to take a picture of the holy family in your home. The idea is that each family keeps a sheep before passing the box on to the next family and then brings it to the Christmas Tree/Christingle/blessing of the crib service at Christmas.

St J’s are doing the same this year too! Both are setting out on their journey on Advent Sunday.

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1 Response to Christmas is coming.

  1. Kathryn says:

    Ah….mine go round school from class to class, but we then major on the housebound elderly…so they go out with a candle, some post its for prayers which I’ll place on the altar at Midnight Mass, and a prayer card for their stay. LOVE the disposable camera idea…might try to work that in next year, but can see it won’t work quite as well with my wobbly old ladies.
    Hope they travel well, anyway…

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